Screen shots from about ten different iPhone games, all partially on top of each other.

Reader Question: Games for iPhone VoiceOver Users?

The iPhone has a huge range of games available for it but it’s not easy for a casual user to find out which games will be compatible with VoiceOver. How could you go about finding appropriate games for a VoiceOver using relative? Continue readingReader Question: Games for iPhone VoiceOver Users?

iPad and iPad mini with different protective cases and keyguards.

Keyguards for iPad and iPad Mini

A keyguard is a plate which sits over a keyboard or touch screen, with spaces that a user can put their fingers or a pointer through to hit the keys. Users who have trouble with fine motor control often find that keyguards help them to hit the key they’re aiming for, and users who have weakness or fatigue that makes it difficult to hold up their arm can rest their hand on the keyguard while pressing keys.

Continue readingKeyguards for iPad and iPad Mini

Keyboard with yellow keys and large print black key legends.

Large Print Keyboards for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X

If you are a Mac, iPhone or iPad user who has trouble seeing or decoding the legends on your physical keyboard, what are your options? They include using a special keyboard with large type keyboard labels printed on it, getting a keyboard skin with large letters printed on it, buying stickers with large font labels for your current keyboard, and more.

These adaptions are helpful for users with low vision and also those with certain neurological problems making reading difficult. Continue readingLarge Print Keyboards for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X

Dragon dictate icon and boxed software.

How To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac

Digital Downloads are a really quick way of getting hold of new software, but it’s not always completely intuitive for a new user. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for Mac, with pictures, showing how to download and install the program.

This guide is aimed at beginners who are not confident with installing Mac OS X software. If you are a confident user who’s familiar with installing software, just accept the defaults at every step and it will work fine. If you need more help and reassurance, here are the steps… Continue readingHow To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac

Part of an Apple keyboard being cleaned with a microfibre cloth.

Cleaning Your Mac, iPhone, or iPad

Even the most perfectly treated computing devices need occasional cleaning. Laptops, phones, and iPads that are used all day, carried around, used with sticky fingers, used by multiple people, those ones are even more likely to need a good clean fairly often. Continue readingCleaning Your Mac, iPhone, or iPad

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