Math on iOS - 4 Great Apps

4 Great iOS Math Apps

Most people find math to be hard, but what if you couldn’t write anything down as you were working out equations? Or what if you reversed digits and minus signs while you were doing it? Some disabilities make learning math harder than ever. Here are four iPad apps which even the playing field for disabled math students…

Panther Math Paper (for iPad)

Panther Math Paper screenshot
Panther Math Paper

Panther Math Paper lets users lay out and solve math equations themselves. For users with severe motor challenges it has many options to help prevent mis-hits and does a fairly good job of putting the cursor where you probably want it to go. Ideal for students, MathPaper doesn’t solve the math for you at all – it just enables students to write out their math the same as everybody else.

ModMath (for iPad)

ModMath screenshot

ModMath is another program that lets users type maths problems onto the iPad touch screen instead of writing them out. Also ideal for students.

  • Provide students with a virtual piece of graph paper, where they can set up math problems in a format that’s easily legible.
  • Allow students to do basic math problem solving, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as fractions and equations, all without ever picking up a pencil.
  • Print out the work pages to turn it at school, or e-mail them directly to the teacher.

Dyscalculator (for iPhone)

Dyscalculator screenshot

Dyscalculator helps users understand numbers and solve real-world math problems – it’s specifically designed for people who have problems with numbers and math.

The more ways you experience a number, the better chance you have to understand it. In Dyscalculator numbers are presented in four different ways:

  • Number symbol (76)
  • Worded numbers (seventy-six)
  • Audio (numbers can be read out loud)
  • Graphical (numbers can be illustrated as bars)

Panther Calculator (for iPad)

Panther Calculator screenshot
Panther Calculator

Panther Calculator is an advanced calculator with lots of accessibility settings to help users with physical disabilities to use it.

A great calculator for individuals with motor challenges. Innovative layout provides powerful new access.

Panther Calculator is based on Universal Design principles. Its unique access settings, and innovative arrangement of keys, allow individuals with complex motoric challenges to access a calculator.

There are of course many more iPhone and iPad apps for doing math with, from Apple’s built in calculator, to the Khan Academy app for math tutoring, and many apps for drilling students in arithmetics. I love the Khan Academy stuff myself, and often use their tutorials.

Do you do math on your iPad or iPhone? What apps do you find most helpful?

– Ricky

4 thoughts on “4 Great iOS Math Apps”

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  2. One of the huge things missing are apps/programs that read aloud math problems in pre-existing documents that include the math functions. I’m a facilitator who helps teachers find technology to implement in the classroom. One of the main complaints from math teachers is that all other subject areas can have iPads read documents using the accessibility features or with Chrome add-ons like Read&Write. But there is nothing that will read math tests or documents including the functions. The main reason we need this is because tests need to be read aloud for students who have read aloud accommodations. There is not enough staffing to cover this every time a quiz or test comes up. Also students have to be pulled from the classroom setting to have their test read to them. In my district, all students have iPads. So we just need a program/app to read aloud documents with math functions included.

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