Blake Watson

I’m a web designer and developer from sunny Mississippi, USA.

If offered the chance to exist exclusively on the Internet, I would think about it. If offered a chip implant in my brain that would allow me to check my email in my mind, I would definitely do it.

I’m a computer nerd of sorts, as evidenced by the previously mentioned facts. I have a degree in Business Information Systems and an MBA from Mississippi State University. But what I really love to do when not coming up with unintelligent, wannabe-witty remarks is making websites. I design websites on a freelance basis. If you’re in need, shoot me an email.

I also like to write, whether it be poems, music, or silly bios like this. I write about disability on my blog and elsewhere. In 2010, I started participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). In 2012, I finally drafted my first novel, which I’ll be revising in perpetuity.

I believe that God has blessed me. I’m thankful for family, friends, society at large, and technology, which enables me to live my life doing the work (and play) I love.

– Blake Watson

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