G3 iMac in a manual wheelchair over an old OS X default desktop image.

Ricky Buchanan

My name’s Ricky Buchanan, and I’m the founder, main author, and technical person for ATMac. I’m a middle-aged woman from Australia and I’m bedridden with a bunch of rare conditions. When I’m not writing ATMac I compose music, listen to audio books, do other disability advocacy, watch TV with my flatmate, and foster rescue cats who are waiting to be adopted.

I have been using computers since 1987, when the “state of the art” PC for my Dad’s business was a 286 with no hard drive, just two 5 1/4 inch floppy drives. At my school around that time, we had a very small storeroom with about four Apple IIe computers. There were no classes that used the computers but there was a bunch of us that hung around and taught each other Apple BASIC programming at lunch time and after school. I was the only girl in the bunch, if I remember correctly. I have loved computers ever since, and one of the majors in my degree was computer science.

I use a Mac Mini computer with a 26 inch display and an iPhone 5 with a very protective case. For hardware input I use a Magic Trackpad and a Kinesis Advantage ergonomic keyboard which I use with the Dvorak keyboard layout. I use KeyStrokes on screen keyboard, plus a bunch of bookmarklets and lots of OS X and iOS’s built in accessibility functions.

Without assistive software and hardware I could not use this computer, much less run this blog and my other websites – I am very grateful that I live in a spot in history where all this is possible.

– Ricky

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