G3 iMac in a manual wheelchair over an old OS X default desktop image.

Kathleen Cercone, PT, PhD

I am a professor – online and face to face as well as an Instructional Designer, Exercise Physiologist and Physical Therapist.

I taught Kinesiology to therapy students. I used to do Ergonomic Analysis where I traveled to many different facilitates to assess their areas that would cause pain and injury. Arm and hand injuries were very common and I was there to analyze the environment and give an analysis of the set up and problems encountered. Now, that video I sent you, I would have put it in a graphing program to analyze angles of motion, how much movement and what muscles were being used.

I also am disabled and still working full time. I teach Biology now and love it. I also advise Physical Therapist Assistant students.

– Kathleen Cercone

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