Paul Natsch using iPad mounted on the arm of his power wheelchair with a hand splint and stylus.

Paul Natsch

My name is Paul Natsch and I’m a thirty-eight year-old C4-C5 Quadriplegic who’s been using Macs for over twenty years. I enjoy playing games, beta testing games, writing, composing music, chatting, and doing just about anything I can think of on my iMac. Using assistive technology to play games on my iMac has lead me to being a contributor to AssistiveWare’s accessible gaming site I’m also a contributor for ATMac and SpeakUp magazine. When I’m not doing something on my computer I enjoy watching TV, reading, going to sporting events, going to parks, and playing around with my iPod Touch.

For me it all started when I saw an ad for the Headmaster Plus in Macworld magazine. The ad touted that somebody could type and use the mouse simultaneously with the Headmaster Plus. Up until then I had been clumsily nudging the mouse around on a table in front of me. So when I saw the ad I thought, “boy, that would make things a lot easier”. So I called the manufacturer and they said that it actually was designed for disabled people like myself. So I ordered one immediately. When the Headmaster Plus arrived my world changed dramatically. And believe it or not I’m still using the same Headmaster Plus all these years later (although I’ve had to upgrade the parts periodically).

Aside from granting complete access to my Mac the Headmaster Plus opened the world of computer gaming to me. And I’ve been playing games on Macs ever since. At some point later on I discovered on-screen keyboards, eventually finding the excellent KeyStrokes. Between the Headmaster Plus, KeyStrokes, a neat little utility called One Finger Snap, and now MacSpeech Dictate, the world of computer gaming, as well as using Macs in general, is now as open to me as it ever was. So even though, as a quadriplegic, I’m limited in so many ways, those limitations do not affect the use of the my computer because of assistive technology.

I’ve gone through a variety of Macs over the years starting with a Mac Plus all the way up to my current Mac which is a 1st generation 24″ iMac. I can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for the future! 🙂

– Paul Natsch

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