AfterShokz headphones

AfterShokz: Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz are wireless headphones which use bone conduction to transmit sound through the bones of your skull and, unlike standard headphones, don’t cover your ear. Bone-conduction headphones can be used by people with certain types of hearing loss such as those with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, and are favoured by some blind users because they don’t cut off audio input from the surroundings the way regular headphones do.

[AfterShokz] use a pair of transducers to power your music into your head. With one transducer resting on each side of your head, they create vibrations that pass sound off of the surface of your face. This contact point allows the headphones to conduct sound onto the bones of your head. These vibrations send sound all the way from your cheek bones to your inner ear, allowing sound to reach the cochlea without even using your ear drum.

AfterShokz Bluez perform using Bluetooth technology.  The headphones work well with many different devices including the iPod, iPad, Smartphone or MP3 player.  You can charge the device with a USB connection.  It comes with a 50 inch USB cable that easily plugs into the headset and into any USB 2.0 port over four feet away.  It takes 3 hours to charge and the battery lasts about 6 hours.  You can also communicate using the headset using the built-in microphone.

The website and most reviews discuss using AfterShokz with an iDevice but like almost all Bluetooth peripherals they can equally be used with a MacBook laptop or desktop Mac computer.

On Bridging Apps, a speech pathologist tells of trialling the AfterShockz Blues headphones with a student:

His name is Lance and he is 8 1/2. He has Treacher Collins Syndrome and does not have external ears. He uses bone anchored hearing aids. I tried the Aftershokz on him and hooked him up to the iPad. He heard music like he has never heard it!!!! He was so excited. He also attended very well to an interactive book on the iPad. He begged me to let him keep the Aftershokz!!!!

Lance wearing his AfterShokz headphones.
Lance wearing his AfterShokz headphones.
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