Auto-answer Skype Calls

Let Skype Pick Up Calls For You

You hear the Skype ringtone, there’s a call! You reach out to grab your mouse, or keyboard … but it takes a moment to do it. Oh no – by the time you’ve got to the answer button, your caller has hung up!

Sound familiar? Did you know that you can set up Skype for Mac OS X to answer for you automatically?

To do this, open the preferences (from the Skype menu) and select the “Calls” button from the top row. Check the box for “Auto-answer Calls”, shown here with the green arrow:

Skype’s call preferences include an option for auto-answering.

If you click on the “Configure…” button, you can also select whether you should answer with video on or off:

Automatically answering with video on could be embarrassing at the wrong time…

In the “General” section of the preferences, there is an additional check box for automatically pausing iTunes during calls, which works very well if you tend to listen to iTunes music a lot.

Unfortunately Skype for iOS doesn’t have this auto-answering feature available at the moment.

Not having to dive for all the right commands when I get a Skype call makes everything much easier!

– Ricky

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