Apple Watch Accessibility Details Revealed

Apple Watch Accessibility Details Revealed

A new article from 9to5Mac has begun to reveal some specific details about key accessibility features that will be available in the forthcoming Apple Watch.

The 9to5Mac article discusses details from a leaked iPhone app “Companion”, which contains many Apple Watch settings.

Companion app screenshot

There’s always a chance that leaked apps like this aren’t real (though that’s unlikely), or that Apple will make significant changes before release date, but these are the best form of information we have right now.

From the screenshots we can tell:

A triple-click on the digital crown (physical button on the side of the watch) will be the accessibility shortcut, much like iPhones use a triple click on the home button. This shortcut can be set to trigger either VoiceOver or Zoom mode on the watch.

There are also accessibility settings for low vision users including: Greyscale mode, settings to bold text, reduce animated on-screen motion, reduce transparency, and add labels to toggles. These match some of the accessibility features available in iOS 8, unsurprisingly.

There is also a mono audio switch shown, and the ability to vary the volume balance between right and left audio channels for hearing impaired users.

9to5Mac’s article also details some accessibility information that I can’t see in the screen shots, so I’m not sure whether that’s information that they have another source for or things they are assuming/inferring from the above details, but they also say:

VoiceOver users will able to be able scroll through text to be spoken using two fingers, and VoiceOver will be triggered by raising a wrist or double-tapping the display. To use the Screen Zoom, users double tap with two fingers to zoom, use two fingers to pan around, and double tap while dragging to adjust the zoom.

I’m really looking forward to the Apple Watch becoming available! Are you planning to get one?

– Ricky

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