Atlas is learning to talk with Aacorn AAC

Atlas is learning to talk with Aacorn AAC

This is a gorgeous video from the Aacorn Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app about a boy, Atlas, who has used their app on his iPad mini. Well worth watching…

Meet Atlas, a beautiful three year old boy diagnosed with expressive receptive language disorder at a young age, but whose progress with learning language should reassure anyone of the value of early intervention. Mom Elizabeth always knew her son had a lot more to say, and in this short video she discusses their journey together, from the earliest days using word picture cards, their decision to research hi-tech assistive speech options, to Atlas embracing aacorn AAC – not only to provide him with a voice but as an aid to learning about sentence structure, increasing his vocabulary, and now speaking!

The app that Atlas uses on his iPad Mini is Aacorn. It’s normally US$199 but just now it’s reduced to US$79.99 so if you’ve been thinking about buying now is a great time.

– Ricky

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