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ATMac on Social Media and Subscriptions

Did you know ATMac is active on several social media platforms? Here’s how can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others… and here’s why you might not want to!

I have been asked frequently to give ATMac’s social media details, so here are the details:

ATMac page on Facebook.
ATMac on Twitter, with the username @atmacjournal.
ATMac page on Google+.

You are very welcome to follow ATMac via those methods, BUT be aware that most social media followers will probably MISS most of our postings!

Facebook will not show you all the posts from most pages you have “Liked.” Although the ATMac page has more than 350 followers most posts are seen by less than 100 of them. If you “like” or comment on individual posts when you see them you are more likely to see more of them, but this still probably won’t get you everything. Twitter has a higher view count, but only if you are one of those readers who reads every single tweet you are subscribed to – including the tweets that pile up overnight.

If you really want to follow everything, I very strongly recommend you subscribe via email. It’s easy to do and you’ll just receive 2-3 short notes per week when there’s a new post here. To subscribe, just fill out this easy form:

If you have any issues with subscribing, please contact me or leave a comment under this post and I’ll get right onto it.

– Ricky

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