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Ricky Buchanan is the founder, main author, and technical person for ATMac. When she's not writing ATMac she composes music, listens to audio books, does other disability advocacy, watches TV with her flatmate, and fosters rescue cats who are waiting to be adopted.

Braille Writer for Max OS X – Grades 1 and 2

Braille Writer Pro was designed to be helpful for sighted people working to learn Braille.


  • Handles both Grade 1 and Grade 2 contracted and uncontracted Braille
  • Translates Braille to English
  • Reads / Writes .DXB files
  • Supports emailing and printing files with and without translation
  • Dictionary that supports both Braille and English

Braille Writer lets you use six keys from a standard Apple keyboard as if they were a braille keyboard, and displays the resulting braille visually on the screen so that sighted students can practice their braille entry and reading skills on a regular computer.

– Ricky

Dim Your iPad Screen Below the Minimum Brightness with Dimmy

The Dimmy iPad screen cover looks like a possible solution for those who are very sensitive to bright lights, especially at night.

The dimmy is a reusable screen cover that makes it easy to dim your screen below the minimum brightness setting.

With a dimmy, you can comfortably and discreetly use your iPad in any dark environment, expanding the iPad’s overall usability.

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ControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work

Mac users, if you need to program your input devices at all – keyboard, mouse, joystick, XKeys, almost any input device – ControllerMate for OS X is the way to go.

ControllerMate gives you the power to do more than ever with your HID controllers. Whether you want to modify the behavior of your keyboard or mouse, or add complex functions to your gaming devices, ControllerMate is the tool for you.

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New features in iOS 7 accessibility for blind and low vision users

Great article from the American National Federation of the Blind about changes in iOS 7’s accessibility for users who are blind, deaf blind, or have low vision.

Their article includes changes relating to:

  • Ways to turn accessibility functions on and off
  • Changes to VoiceOver practicing
  • Changes to device unlocking
  • Changes to VoiceOver’s rotor
  • High quality speech synthesis available for more than one language
  • Changes for braille users
  • Changes to contrast, dynamic text sizing and bold text and labels

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Dialogue – Make handsfree mobile calls with your Mac

Dialogue allows hands free mobile phone calls through your Mac. It establishes a Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Mac, letting your Mac act like a headset for the phone. This means you can use all the accessibility features of your Mac to make mobile phone calls – useful for those people with complex accessibility requirements who can’t otherwise use an iPhone independently. Continue readingDialogue – Make handsfree mobile calls with your Mac