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For users whose main method of computer interaction is via a mouse or other pointing device. These users generally use an on-screen keyboard or dictation software for inputting text.

How To Use Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Mastro lets you record a sequence of keystrokes, mouse clicks, and many other actions, and easily play them back at any time.

For users who experience pain, fatigue, or slowness when operating the computer it’s important to learn to be as efficient as possible with what you do. Keyboard Mastro is one way to increase your efficiency so every movement really counts and your energy is preserved. Continue readingHow To Use Keyboard Maestro

How To Click Without Using Mouse Buttons in OS X

One of the numerous obstacles those of us with physical limitations face is how do we perform a right-click with a one-button mouse? Those that are able to use a physical keyboard can simply hold down the control key while clicking and that will emulate a right-click. But what about those of us who can’t use a physical keyboard or have trouble using one? There’s actually several solutions out there to this problem and in this brief article I thought I’d touch on a few of the simple software options.

These solutions will also help anyone else who has trouble manually clicking their mouse or trackpad. Continue readingHow To Click Without Using Mouse Buttons in OS X

DwellClick: You Point, It Clicks

Clicking your mouse requires a muscle contraction, which creates the internal tension needed to perform just one click. The tension needed in one click is added over time. The more often and longer mouse clicks occur, the more likely it is to develop hand/finger pain.

This 5-second video shows a healthy hand using a mouse and scroll wheel. Although only 5 seconds, it demonstrates that he has raised, scrolled and pressed his index finger many times. The strength needed to press may not be huge, but can cause enormous pain. Continue readingDwellClick: You Point, It Clicks

ControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work

Mac users, if you need to program your input devices at all – keyboard, mouse, joystick, XKeys, almost any input device – ControllerMate for OS X is the way to go.

ControllerMate gives you the power to do more than ever with your HID controllers. Whether you want to modify the behavior of your keyboard or mouse, or add complex functions to your gaming devices, ControllerMate is the tool for you.

Continue readingControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work