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Text to speech involves computer generated speech – the computer reading to you. This category is used for all text to speech applications except VoiceOver – which has its own category.

Connor Reads with Bookshare, iPad, and Ebooks

Lovely article from the CP Family Network about a 7th grade boy who has cerebral palsy and uses switches. He’s has started to read with the freedom of an iPad and the Read2Go DAISY reader app.

In the past, Connor depended on his mom or an aide to hold a book steady or turn a page. His reading assignments had to be requested in large print, but that often took weeks – which left him always in catch up mode. Now, he doesn’t rely on others much and reads digital books from a stationary stand on his wheelchair from his iPad. “He can follow the text and has better eye tracking,” adds Meadows.

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Text-to-Speech or Speech-to-Text?

There are a lot of searches that find this blog using the phrases “speech to text” and “text to speech” or equivalents using words like “voice”, “speaking”, “typing”, and so on. It seems from the logs, that a lot of people aren’t sure what the difference is between “speech to text” and “text to speech” so I thought I’d clarify. Continue readingText-to-Speech or Speech-to-Text?

International iOS Text-to-Speech Voices

The Vocab Ninja blog has collected together samples of all Apple’s iOS text-to-speech voices so we can hear them side by side. There are 26 different languages, with 35 different dialects in all.

Their collection includes both standard quality voices and enhanced quality voices – the difference in quality is especially stark when you hear them side by side. I found it fascinating that even in the languages I couldn’t understand, the difference in quality is audible! Continue readingInternational iOS Text-to-Speech Voices