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Educators who teach and work with people with disabilities as a part of their job, including special education teachers, teachers with mainstreamed students in their classrooms, assistive technology specialists, and so on.

Apple Accessibility Events around NDIS New World Conference

Down here in Australia we’ve got the NDIS New World: Disability in the 21st Century conference coming up – it’s at the Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre during October 27 – 29 2015 and I am envious of all who are able to attend! There are also an Apple Technology House at the conference, and more Apple retail store events than you can shake a stick at – read on… Continue readingApple Accessibility Events around NDIS New World Conference

App Discounts for World Autism Day 2015

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and Autism Acceptance Day is the 2nd of April each year. It has become customary for many companies who make apps used by people with autism to be discounted or made free for that day, or a longer period surrounding that day.

Because premium apps for communication – AAC apps – are especially expensive due to their complexity, many people wait for this discounted day to purchase these apps. Here are a list of premium AAC apps that ATMac has been told will be discounted for WAAD in 2015… Continue readingApp Discounts for World Autism Day 2015

4 Great iOS Math Apps

Most people find math to be hard, but what if you couldn’t write anything down as you were working out equations? Or what if you reversed digits and minus signs while you were doing it? Some disabilities make learning math harder than ever. Here are four iPad apps which even the playing field for disabled math students… Continue reading4 Great iOS Math Apps