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4 Great iOS Math Apps

Most people find math to be hard, but what if you couldn’t write anything down as you were working out equations? Or what if you reversed digits and minus signs while you were doing it? Some disabilities make learning math harder than ever. Here are four iPad apps which even the playing field for disabled math students… Continue reading4 Great iOS Math Apps

Touch ID + Raynaud’s = Trouble!

I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in early December 2014. I had an iPhone 5 and was really looking forward to ditching the passcode for TouchID, as well as playing media on the way home from work on a bigger screen. My iPhone 6 Plus does have a big, beautiful screen, but I haven’t been able to use TouchID for more than a few hours at a time since I got it.

[Thanks to Gretchen Macdowall for this guest post! -r] Continue readingTouch ID + Raynaud’s = Trouble!