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Posts in this category are informational, rather than introducing you to new hardware or software. This includes information about how to best use the facilities built into the operating systems and tutorials about pieces of third party hardware and software.

Siri Tips: Redundancy

As my disability becomes more severe, I’ve been using Siri more and more instead of typing on my iPhone. I really value the ability to switch between typing and speaking so easily, as it means I can use whatever suits me on a particular day. Here’s how to use it better … Continue readingSiri Tips: Redundancy

Apple Accessibility Events around NDIS New World Conference

Down here in Australia we’ve got the NDIS New World: Disability in the 21st Century conference coming up – it’s at the Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre during October 27 – 29 2015 and I am envious of all who are able to attend! There are also an Apple Technology House at the conference, and more Apple retail store events than you can shake a stick at – read on… Continue readingApple Accessibility Events around NDIS New World Conference

Touch ID + Raynaud’s = Trouble!

I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in early December 2014. I had an iPhone 5 and was really looking forward to ditching the passcode for TouchID, as well as playing media on the way home from work on a bigger screen. My iPhone 6 Plus does have a big, beautiful screen, but I haven’t been able to use TouchID for more than a few hours at a time since I got it.

[Thanks to Gretchen Macdowall for this guest post! -r] Continue readingTouch ID + Raynaud’s = Trouble!