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Posts in this category are informational, rather than introducing you to new hardware or software. This includes information about how to best use the facilities built into the operating systems and tutorials about pieces of third party hardware and software.

The Ultimate Guide To Dictation Software for OS X

Speech-to-text software, sometimes known as dictation software, is something that lets you talk to the computer in some form and have the computer react appropriately to what you are saying. This is totally different to text-to-speech software, which is software can read out text already in the computer.

In this article you’ll learn about different types of speech-to-text software for Mac OS X, and what your options are if you want to use it to control your computer, dictate text, or both. Continue readingThe Ultimate Guide To Dictation Software for OS X

ATMac Christmas Gift Ideas

What do you want for Christmas?

If you’re disabled, it can be much harder for people to figure out what’s appropriate to give for gifts. What would a person enjoy? What could they manage to use? What would frustrate them? These can be hard to answer. Luckily there are a large range of gift guides available for kids and adults with disabilities. Here are my own picks for excellent gifts, and links to lots of resources. Continue readingATMac Christmas Gift Ideas