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What do you want for Christmas?

If you’re disabled, it can be much harder for people to figure out what’s appropriate to give for gifts. What would a person enjoy? What could they manage to use? What would frustrate them? These can be hard to answer. Luckily there are a large range of gift guides available for kids and adults with disabilities. Here are my own picks for excellent gifts, and links to lots of resources.

Ricky’s Gift Suggestions

For disabled folk, home automation gives us power!

Belkin Wemo are my absolute favourite home automation gadgets at the moment. Their power switches let you automate most anything that plugs in, and they also have remote controlled LED globes and light switches, and motion sensor switches. Light up a room or control any plug-in gadget act the touch of an accessible iOS application.

Purple and blue christmas tree lights.
Belkin Wemo would be perfect for controlling Chrismas lights!

Quirky also have a range of ingenious gadgets that you’ll adore. Check out their “Quirky + GE” section for a range of home automation bits and pieces you’ll love.

Sphero and Ollie app-controlled robotic toys have lots of accessibility possibilities to help severely disabled folk join in physical play.

Switchamajig IR is another great gadget that lets kids control infrared toys with their iPhone or iPad for increased accessibility.

In a different direction, Dragon Dictate OS X speech recognition software is a great piece of software for those who find typing difficult.

@Giaguara, on twitter, suggested that I add Sugru to the list – thank you! Sugru is a great thing for gifts because it has a zillion uses for both fun things and tons of useful assistive-technology type uses. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s like Fimo but you don’t need to bake it – it dries hard in a few days.

Christmas cards on a table

Gift Guides

Glenda’s Gift Giving Guide for Kids with Special Needs
Gift suggestions for a wide range of disabilities and ages, and a bunch of links to further resources.

Melissa and Doug Special Needs Toy Guide
Toy suggestions divided up by what skills the toys help the child develop – fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, speech and language skills, social and emotional skills, life skills, sensory awareness, oral motor skills and toys for picky eaters.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation 2014 Gift Guide for Individuals Living with Paralysis
This guide does have a small kids section but it’s mostly aimed at adults with paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Perkins eLearning Toys & Play for Young Children with Visual Impairments
Huge range of resources for young children who are blind, deaf blind, and multiply disabled. Includes a section on adapted and switch-adapted toys.

Single golden Christmas bauble on a tree

Love That Max: Holiday Gifts And Toys For Kids With Special Needs 2014
This guide is aimed at kids like Max who have some motor issues.

Love That Max: The best gifts to give a baby in the NICU
Another one from Love that Max, check out the comments for lots of additional suggestions.

Ashlyn’s Gift guide for people with autism
Written by an autistic person, this guide doesn’t just suggest good toys it also says why they’re good picks.

If all other inspiration fails you, an iTunes gift card can be a great gift for the Apple device lover in your life – then they can pick something out for themselves!

– Ricky

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Photo credit to the Christmas Stock Images site.

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