ControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work

Mac users, if you need to program your input devices at all – keyboard, mouse, joystick, XKeys, almost any input device – ControllerMate for OS X is the way to go.

ControllerMate gives you the power to do more than ever with your HID controllers. Whether you want to modify the behavior of your keyboard or mouse, or add complex functions to your gaming devices, ControllerMate is the tool for you.

Because I happened to write a blog entry for it right at the beginning, I can tell you that I have been using ControllerMate for OS X since October of 2007! I have had various XKeys devices, most recently an XKeys 24, and ControllerMate was the only program that had all the features and functions that I wanted.

To set it up you just drag blocks to the right spot on the screen – it’s like virtual Lego that does stuff! I also discovered how to use ControllerMate to disable my caps lock key, and reprogram my trackpad so that the third button pretends to be a space bar – it can make pretty much any input device act like any other input device. Setting up a joystick to work for moving the mouse, for example, is easy.

I have had a few email discussions with the developer of ControllerMate and even talked to him via iChat – he has always been helpful and pleasant to talk to, as well as answering my technical queries speedily. There’s also a bulletin board/forum set up at the ControllerMate website where lots of users all help each other.

– Ricky

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