How To Use A Corded 2.5mm Headset With Your iPhone

Did you know that you can use a corded headset with a 2.5mm plug with your iPhone? It’s probably easier than you think!

Headsets designed for land-line phones or older style mobile phones are frequently built with 2.5mm plugs. iPhones, however, only have the 3.5mm sockets meant for stereo headsets. This can be a special problem for disabled users who may only find one headset that exists that really works for them – if that headset has a 2.5mm plug you can be in trouble.

There are “standard” 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapters available but many won’t work properly with iPhones and headsets – a fairly complex combination. Often these standard adapters work fine for the speaker but not the microphone, or let both the speaker and microphone work but not the “answer” button on the headset.

But there is a solution!

It’s a slightly contradictory solution – you need to buy what Apple calls the Apple iPhone TTY Adapter.

Apple iPhone TTY Adapter.
Apple iPhone TTY Adapter.

This adapter is designed by Apple to allow Deaf and hearing impaired telephone typewriter users to hook their existing TTY devices to an iPhone, but as a happy side effect it has the ability to hook almost any headset with a 2.5mm plug to your iPhone.

Buyers do need to beware slightly – this solution is not endorsed by Apple as a general solution for 2.5mm headsets, so they will not promise that it will work with your headset. But there are many 5-star ratings on the Apple Store from happy headset users who have used this solution and highly recommend it.

Corded headsets in various styles.
These 2.5mm corded headsets all worked well with the TTY adapter.

Headsets specifically recommended as functioning well with this adapter by Apple Store reviewers included:

Several other reviewers did not specify the headset they used though.

Happy head-setting!

– Ricky

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Image of man wearing corded headset from Alin S.

3 thoughts on “How To Use A Corded 2.5mm Headset With Your iPhone”

    • Thanks for an awesome picture!

      There seemed to be a lot of people who bought 2-pole 2.5mm-3.5mm adapters and expected them to work on speaker/microphone combinations and were confused, when I checked online sites, so I thought it was a useful bit of information for non-techies to know this one works.

      • The important thing that people need to check and double check is that it is TRRS and not just a TRS jack.

        TRS – Standard headset, one way OUTPUT

        TRRS – mixed types… some support buttons and switches. most support microphones. there are two versions of TRRS

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