Dialogue – Make handsfree mobile calls with your Mac

Dialogue allows hands free mobile phone calls through your Mac. It establishes a Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Mac, letting your Mac act like a headset for the phone. This means you can use all the accessibility features of your Mac to make mobile phone calls – useful for those people with complex accessibility requirements who can’t otherwise use an iPhone independently.

Once a Bluetooth connection has been established and a call has been made or received, you can talk through your Mac’s internal microphone or through a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. [… ]Dialogue is functional, but needs some streamlining. It’s easy enough to pair your Mac to your iPhone via Bluetooth and Dialogue offers a convenient means of doing this (just click the Connect or Disconnect button). Once connected, give Dialogue access to your Contacts list and it’s a cinch to click on the Dialogue icon in the menu bar, begin typing a contact’s name, and then click their name to begin dialing.

Receiving a call is just as easy and Dialogue will put up a notification icon in the center of your Mac’s screen asking if you’d like to take the call or ignore it. Once you accept the call, begin speaking at a normal volume and the call sounds as good as it would through any conference call system.

Another solution to make calls through your Mac is to use a VoIP system, bypassing the mobile phone system at your end, but this is less useful for those who want to make calls when they are out and about.

– Ricky

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