Dim Your iPad Screen Below the Minimum Brightness with Dimmy

The Dimmy iPad screen cover looks like a possible solution for those who are very sensitive to bright lights, especially at night.

The dimmy is a reusable screen cover that makes it easy to dim your screen below the minimum brightness setting.

With a dimmy, you can comfortably and discreetly use your iPad in any dark environment, expanding the iPad’s overall usability.

For those with physical impairments you might need help to put it on and off, but it sounds like it isn’t too hard to adjust as they recommend putting it on every night.

– Ricky

4 thoughts on “Dim Your iPad Screen Below the Minimum Brightness with Dimmy”

  1. This could be really useful for me. I use my iPad alot before i go to bed and I don’t always sleep particularly well. Thanks for the tip and good to see AtMac back. 🙂

    • Thanks Paul! I got very burned out after blogging so much for so many years and needed a break, but it’s nice to me back 🙂 I’m trying hard not to be perfectionist and to post a little thing often …

      • I am a disabled Physical Therapist (30 years of work and also educator). If you need help, I could. I did not get burned out, I got more disabled. Oh well… years of work, back injury prevention included and here I am, after back surgery and still no better. The hand disability is assisted by technology. I live it. I want to help and do something with the web.
        I do not know another blog like this one and I have followed it for years- wondered where you had gone.
        I use Dragon Dictate and am always so frustrated that we on Macs, have less support from Dragon. I am not using it as it is still easier to use my hands.
        I am glad to see you active again.

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