Dwellclick: You point, it clicks

DwellClick: You Point, It Clicks

Clicking your mouse requires a muscle contraction, which creates the internal tension needed to perform just one click. The tension needed in one click is added over time. The more often and longer mouse clicks occur, the more likely it is to develop hand/finger pain.

This 5-second video shows a healthy hand using a mouse and scroll wheel. Although only 5 seconds, it demonstrates that he has raised, scrolled and pressed his index finger many times. The strength needed to press may not be huge, but can cause enormous pain.

As a Physical Therapist that has worked over 30 years, I have treated hundreds of hand pain patients. I am a computer user as well and I can no longer use a traditional mouse. Clicks are impossible to perform and I no longer use a mouse for any clicks. I discovered DwellClick software, developed by Pilotmoon. This inexpensive software has eliminated all clicks when using my Macbook Pro. It permits clickless operation of the computer.

Using DwellClick, clicks automatically occur after you move the mouse to where you need. It is possible to set how long it takes, after the mouse stops moving, for the click to occur. An interface allows you to select double-click, right click, and drag functions as well. Individualization and modification of DwellClick settings allow it to work as needed. It works with a mouse or multi-touch trackpad.

The program has many features and one that I have not explored is a special, floating control panel that is designed for head-tracker users. It is possible to perform drags and special clicks without having to touch the keyboard at all.

I highly recommend trying this software, and I do not represent them in any way.

– Kathleen Cercone, PT, PhD

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