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Forthcoming: iOS Access for All

I’ve just read the sample chapter of iOS Access for All, the forthcoming ebook by Shelly Brisbin, and it’s looking very good. As well as the sample book chapter, Siri and Voice Input, Shelly has also made available the full table of contents.

This is the book’s description:

OS Access for All is a comprehensive guide to the accessibility features of Apple’s mobile devices. From the VoiceOver screen reader, which allows blind users to control an iPhone or iPad, to support for hearing aids and closed captioning, Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, includes features that support use of the company’s popular iDevices by people with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities. iOS Access for All is the most detailed, thorough, hands-on guide to accessibility features available. Readers will learn how to set up and use an iOS device in an accessible way, and how to get the most from apps provided by Apple, and available from the App Store. The book also introduces iOS tools, including the Siri voice assistant, that weren’t designed for accessibility, but that nonetheless enhance the productivity and pleasure of disabled users.

Like most accessibility-related content for iOS, the book’s contents does seem to skew somewhat towards accessibility that’s most relevant to vision impaired users. There is a full chapter on VoiceOver, a full chapter on low vision access, a full chapter on Siri and voice input, and three vision-related appendices, for example, but only a single chapter covering the trio of Guided Access, Assistive Touch, and Switch Control. There is also a chapter about tools for hearing impaired users.

Other book sections cover Apple’s apps and the best accessible non-Apple apps.

Shelly is a long time tech writer and Apple user, and is herself visually impaired. ATMac readers may also have heard her on the Maccessibility Roundtable podcast, where she has appeared several times. I wish her all the best with her ebook’s forthcoming launch.

– Ricky

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