Screen shots from about ten different iPhone games, all partially on top of each other.

Reader Question: Games for iPhone VoiceOver Users?

The iPhone has a huge range of games available for it but it’s not easy for a casual user to find out which games will be compatible with VoiceOver. How could you go about finding appropriate games for a VoiceOver using relative?

Reader SuzieQ asked me a question via email a while back, and helpfully gave me permission to publish it and the answer I had emailed to her – thanks Suzie!

Does anyone have or know of a list of apps (games) that actually work when voice over is “set to VoiceOver ON’? My grandson has an iPhone 4S and he cannot find a list of those games that work with VoiceOver on. If you know of any list that has been verified as accurate or you know from your own experience that would be great! Thank you!

AppleVis is a website run by blind Mac and iOS users and they have a fantastic catalogue of things all graded by how well they work with VoiceOver!

Here’s their list of games which work really well with VoiceOver.

Lots of the games in that list aren’t suitable for little kids, so you’ll have to search to find things which are suitable, but it looks like there are some there for all ages. Don’t miss the “Next >” button at the end – there are pages and pages of them!

Their whole application directory, is really recommended.

If you find any specific apps that are awesome, feel free to let me know or write a paragraph or two about them – I’d love to be able to share information back to other readers.

– Ricky

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