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How To Set Up Dragon Dictate for Mac

Software usability improves all the time, but complex programs are often not very intuitive for a new user. We’ve already shown you how to download and install Dragon, and here’s a step-by-step guide for Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for Mac, with pictures, showing how to set up the program so it’s ready for you to use.

This guide is aimed at beginners who are not confident with installing Mac OS X software. If you are a confident user who’s familiar with installing software, just following the instructions and prompts will generally work fine. If you need more help and reassurance, here are the steps…

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First up, open the Finder’s Applications folder and double click to open the app called “Dragon Dictate”. If you don’t already have Dragon Dictate installed, backtrack to our how to download and install Dragon article and go through those steps first.

The first thing Dragon will do is ask you to enable accessibility for it, this is because of the way Dragon works – it needs permission to pretend to “be” you (the user) so it can move the mouse, press keys, and so on:


Click on ‘Open System Preferences’ to set up what it needs:


The System Preferences pane for Security is locked by default, click on the lock where I’ve put the red arrow here and enter your computer’s admin password to unlock it:


Now click on the box beside the “Dragon Dictate” line so it’s checked, like in this picture:


OK that’s the system preferences set up – you can close system preferences and go back to Dragon Dictate.

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  1. thanks…HOWEVER…Dragon Dictate does not show up…even with the lock removed…so I can’t add it to accessibility….what am I doing wrong?….or what has DD left out?

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