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Page 2 - How To Set Up Dragon Dictate for Mac

First up is a boring registration screen, where I have pixelated out my details but you’ll need to enter yours. If you purchased Dragon online, you’ll have an email with your serial number for that top box.


Now I got a message saying Dragon wanted to upgrade itself. Fear not, you don’t have to download the entire program again – the download was about 25mb when I did it, and only took a few minutes. Click “Install Update” and let that proceed:


When the upgrade has finished, it should restart Dragon for you and now you’ll be prompted to set up a profile. Each person who uses the software needs a separate profile, and if you use more than one microphone you’ll need a separate profile for each microphone too, so give the profile a name which will help you – I called mine “Ricky with Dragon Remote Microphone”:


The microphone you want to use will need to be connected to the computer and turned on at this point so it shows up in the drop down box. Select your microphone from the list:


Now Dragon wants to know your region (for formatting, spelling, and so on) and then your accent (for speech recognition), the selection screen looks pretty much the same for both:


Now your profile is set up, and Dragon will prompt you for somewhere to save it. The Documents directory is probably a good place, it just needs to be somewhere you won’t delete it by accident so call it something you’ll remember. It will take several minutes to save, as it’s a large file, so just be patient as it proceeds …


Now your profile has been set up, it needs to be trained.

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4 thoughts on “How To Set Up Dragon Dictate for Mac”

  1. thanks…HOWEVER…Dragon Dictate does not show up…even with the lock removed…so I can’t add it to accessibility….what am I doing wrong?….or what has DD left out?

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