OS X default switch control panel

How To Turn Off Switch Control For Mac OS X

Switch Control for Mac OS X is a very helpful assistive technology for physically disabled Mac users, but occasionally people turn in on without meaning to and the results can be confusing …

The default Switch Control panel looks like this black box and will show up on top of whatever else you’re doing:

Default OS X switch control panel.
The default OS X Switch Control panel is black and white with glyphs for Keyboard, Pointer, App, Dock, Menu Bar, System, Custom, and Location.

Depending on how it’s set up, you may see these pictures highlighted with a white bar around them one after the other. There are also other panels you may see with the same black and white design scheme – especially if you press the space bar when the panel is active. This is a keyboard panel, with one of the keyboard rows highlighted by the moving white boxes:

OS X Switch Control keyboard panel.
The white highlighting around one row of keys here moves from row to row and around to different groups of keys.

The good news is that turning Switch Control off is easy: Simply hover your mouse over the panel and click on the white “X” character in the top left hand corner.

That’s all! It should stay off after that.

– Ricky

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