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Improve Your Accuracy With Dragon Dictate

This month’s Dragon Dictate for Mac newsletter from Nuance has some good hints and tips about improving accuracy with your dictation:

Dragon Dictate for Mac Tip of the Month
Four ways to improve accuracy
Optimize Dragon’s ability to recognize your speech.  Here are some of our top tips to improve recognition accuracy.

– Ricky

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2 thoughts on “Improve Your Accuracy With Dragon Dictate”

  1. You mentioned the Dragon Dictate for Mac Newsletter, but the link is no longer active. Is there no longer such a newsletter. My husband recently bought DD4 for Mac & is having trouble getting it to be worth his time. Unfortunately, his hands are becoming less steady and weaker due to Multiple Sclerosis and I am hoping that he can get DD working at a 90+% accuracy as described in so many reviews. Unfortunately, with MS, the voice also becomes weaker over time.
    I suggested that he buy a headset microphone instead of using the camera/microphone (Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000) sitting on his computer screen (which we bought for Skype). My husband is using a Mac Mini.

  2. it takes a lot of time to get good at. all the dictation apps are this way. it really helps to speak in a room with good acoustics and no background noise. using headset can help – it depends on lots of factors. u have to try it to see if it helps. practice speaking clearly and not too slowly or too fast.

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