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Page 2 - How To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac

When it’s finished you’ll see a large orange button labelled “Launch”:


Run the Installer

Once you click “Launch” you’re now running the huge program you just downloaded. Finally, this is the actual Dragon Dictate installer! If you’re familiar with Mac OS X installers, it should look much more familiar.

Start by clicking on the “Continue” button:


There are a few more screens in between – keep clicking on whatever button is labelled “Continue” or “Agree” until you get to here, then click the “Install” button:


Then it’ll ask for your administrator password. If you’re unsure, this is generally the password you use to log into your Mac computer when you switch it on:


The actual installing will take a few minutes again …

Once it’s done, you’ve finally made it! Click “Close” to shut down the installer and your program is ready to start:


At this point I think the only appropriate course of action is to give yourself an enormous pat on the back and to go and have a drink!

When you want to run the actual program, you’ll find it in the Applications directory where it’s named “Dragon Dictate”. The first time you open the program you’ll need to set up the microphone and train the voice recognition – stay tuned for another tutorial about that.

– Ricky

Dragon Dictate for Mac: Simply smarter speech recognition

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12 thoughts on “How To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac”

  1. I found this solution on another forum, and it solved my problem:

    It turns out that the file downloaded by the installer gets saved in the Downloads directory. (Mine is named Dragon_Dictate_EN_4.0.2.0.dmg – note that it does not include -DLM at the end like the installer you downloaded from the website.) Open up that DMG and the Dragon installer will run.

  2. I got to final stage and it said “The installation is flawed” … Now what? Repeated tries to reinstall – no change … HELP!!

  3. 1. I have dragon dictate DLM on my desktop after a successful download. Do I delete that now?
    2 I moved dragon dictate 4.0 from my desktop to applications but it still stays on my desktop. Can I delete the desktop icon?

    • Chris: Keep the DLM and back it up, if you ever need to re-install DD it’s necessary. I accidentally lost mine and Dragon want me to buy an entirely new copy!!

      If you are sure the one in Applications is a full copy (not an alias with the little arrow) then it’s fine to delete it.

  4. I purchased Dragon Dictate for MAC 4. It showed me a page that said Nuance would contact me shortly about my purchase. I have not gotten any confirmation of payment.

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