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How To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac

Digital Downloads are a really quick way of getting hold of new software, but it’s not always completely intuitive for a new user. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for Mac, with pictures, showing how to download and install the program.

This guide is aimed at beginners who are not confident with installing Mac OS X software. If you are a confident user who’s familiar with installing software, just accept the defaults at every step and it will work fine. If you need more help and reassurance, here are the steps…

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Purchase the software

You’ll need to visit the Nuance Dragon for Mac OS X website and purchase the software first, specifying that you want a digital download.

The website is good about telling you what to do, where to put in credit card or Paypal details to pay. Once you’ve entered all your details and confirmed the order, you’re shown a confirmation page containing your download links and serial number, which I’ve pixelated out here. Click where the red arrow shows to download what you need:


Your web browser will download a file, named something like “Dragon_Dictate_EN_4.0-DLM.dmg” or “Dragon_Dictate_EN_4.0.2.0.dmg” – this is a downloader.

If you missed this page and clicking on the download link, check your email – Nuance will send you information about how to log into the website using the password you set up when you purchased the program and you can download it again.

Run the Downloader

Once your initial download is finished, locate that file and double-click to open it. If you can’t find the file initially, it’s probably in your Downloads/ directory.

The file is a “dmg” – a disk image – not a program, so once you’ve clickd on it all you will see now is a new folder containing a program:


Double click on this, again, and you are running the downloader. This isn’t Dictate itself or even the Dictate installer – it’s a program that will download the Dictate installer for you. Dictate itself (and therefore the installer) is two gigabytes of information – very large – so the download will take a long time. On my internet connection it took over two hours, so you might want to organise it to run at a time when you won’t be interrupted.

Double-click on the application to start the installer. First it will spend several minutes saying “Creating download”:


Once that’s done, the actual downloading will start by itself:


As I said, it will take some significant amount of time – you may wish to leave it while you have lunch, or overnight, etc. It’s fine to use your Mac computer while this is happening, but don’t turn it off or reboot it or you’ll need to run the downloader again.

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12 thoughts on “How To Install Dragon Dictate for Mac”

  1. I found this solution on another forum, and it solved my problem:

    It turns out that the file downloaded by the installer gets saved in the Downloads directory. (Mine is named Dragon_Dictate_EN_4.0.2.0.dmg – note that it does not include -DLM at the end like the installer you downloaded from the website.) Open up that DMG and the Dragon installer will run.

  2. I got to final stage and it said “The installation is flawed” … Now what? Repeated tries to reinstall – no change … HELP!!

  3. 1. I have dragon dictate DLM on my desktop after a successful download. Do I delete that now?
    2 I moved dragon dictate 4.0 from my desktop to applications but it still stays on my desktop. Can I delete the desktop icon?

    • Chris: Keep the DLM and back it up, if you ever need to re-install DD it’s necessary. I accidentally lost mine and Dragon want me to buy an entirely new copy!!

      If you are sure the one in Applications is a full copy (not an alias with the little arrow) then it’s fine to delete it.

  4. I purchased Dragon Dictate for MAC 4. It showed me a page that said Nuance would contact me shortly about my purchase. I have not gotten any confirmation of payment.

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