iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone between an oversized speaker and microphone resembling Apple icons.

International iOS Text-to-Speech Voices

The Vocab Ninja blog has collected together samples of all Apple’s iOS text-to-speech voices so we can hear them side by side. There are 26 different languages, with 35 different dialects in all.

Their collection includes both standard quality voices and enhanced quality voices – the difference in quality is especially stark when you hear them side by side. I found it fascinating that even in the languages I couldn’t understand, the difference in quality is audible!

You can click on any of the highlighted language names to hear the recordings. Each one is between 35mb and 150mb, so make sure you’ve got enough bandwidth for the downloads. I think it’s well worth listening to a few, at least!

– Ricky

Public domain images used from Pixabay and Wikimedia, with thanks.

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