Schuyler Rummel-Hudson with her iPad Mini

iPads and iPhones vs Dedicated AAC Devices

Rob Rummel-Hudson has written a great blog post entitled ‘Making Our Own Ice‘. It’s about assistive and augmentative communication – AAC – and the divide between those who advocate the use of dedicated “old-style” speech devices and those who are using iPads, iPad Minis and iPhones as non-dedicated speech devices.

I want to discuss something very specific to augmentative alternative communication, so my apologies in advance if this isn’t part of your world. I specifically want to address the strange, illogical divide in the professional speech technology world between those who use dedicated speech devices and those who find success with consumer electronics products like Apple’s iPad.

Nobody’s arguing that iPad or iPhone-style devices are suitable for every single AAC user, but for many users they can provide options that weren’t available before because the price is much lower and the devices are so much more widely available.

This article, and pretty much everything else Rob has written actually, is well worth the read.

– Ricky

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