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iDevice Voice Commands Cheat Sheet

The iDevice Voice Commands system doesn’t have a lot of different commands to remember, but it’s reasonably picky about you getting the wording just right. I’ve compiled all the English voice control commands into a printable document that will fold neatly in half and fit in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad’s pouch so it’s handy while you’re still learning the commands.

Remember that Voice Commands are just three ways to speak to your iDevice, and if Siri is available and appropriate for your needs it will offer more flexibility and many more commands – check out What can Siri do for me? Make sure that you’re using the best tool for your job.

I also have a complete list of all the iPhone and iPod Touch Voice Commands and their functions. This list is briefer and doesn’t have explanations for those commands where the function is obvious – it just notes the command name to jog your memory.

I’m making a PDF available for easy printing, and a version in Pages format for those who might want to edit it for themselves. I’ve also created versions in both A4 and US Letter sizes, which should cover everybody’s standard pages.

Oh, and because it has to be small to fold in half and fit in your iPhone case I put two on the same page. You can give the other one to a friend and tell them about ATMac too!

– Ricky

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