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Apple/Assistive Technology Links Directory

This is the ATMac Apple/Assistive Technology Links Directory, a collection of sites which are relevant to all those interested in accessibility for iPhones, iPads, Mac OS X, and all other Apple devices and software.

These are the categories of links which are available:

News – Sites who write about news that’s highly relevant to Apple and disability topics.
Official Apple Sites – Sites relevant to accessibility which are part of Apple’s official website.

Guides and Tutorials – Sites which produce guides and tutorials which are highly relevant to Apple users with disabilities.
Web Forums and Mailing Lists – Includes web forums, mailing lists, Facebook groups, and other online groups which are highly relevant to Apple and disability topics.
Podcasts and Audio Resources – Sites who produce podcasts and audio resources which are highly relevant to Apple and disability topics.
Video Resources – Sites who produce video resources which are highly relevant to Apple and disability topics.

Bloggers – Bloggers who write about their own use of Apple products for some assistive technology or disability-related situation.
AAC Bloggers – Bloggers who use assistive and alternative communication (AAC) which is wholly or partially based on Apple products, usually iPad, iPad Mini or iPhones.

iDevice Accessories – Companies which produce accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and other iDevices which will be of use to Apple users with disabilities.

Companies – Companies who produce products for Apple users with disabilities, or products which are frequently used for assistive technology.

Non-disability Sites – General Apple websites which I have found useful but which have no special relevance to disability or assistive technology.

Know of another site that should be on this list? Please contact me and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

– Ricky

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase the products that I've linked to I'll get a commission - a small percentage of the sale price. It won't cost you anything and it will help to support me and ATMac.

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    • Thanks Lyn! Love your site too – I couldn’t make the music work on your Wix site but I think I found the right Lyn on SoundCloud – is “Night Dreaming Remix” yours? Nice music!

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