iPad and iPad mini with different protective cases and keyguards.

AAC Bloggers

This section is for bloggers who write about assistive and alternative communication (AAC). Some of the bloggers in this section use AAC themselves and others blog about another person, generally their child, who is the communication user.

Most of the users in this section use AAC as their main communication system, but some use it as a backup communication for when speech or sign or their other main system breaks down. Most of the AAC users have a system which is wholly or partially based on Apple products, usually iPad, iPad Mini or iPhones (since this is an Apple-based blog) but not all of them do.

I have tried to note the types of communication systems used in the entry for each blog.

This page is part of the ATMac links directory.

Know of another site that should be on this list? Please contact me and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

– Ricky

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