Preschool age girl touches an iPad propped on a kitchen table.

Maya Finds Her Voice

Dana Nieder has put together a fantastic video showing very clearly her daughter Maya’s progressive mastery of AAC systems and devices, and how much the “system” around them failed to support this.

This is a really hopeful video from the perspective of Maya, whose intelligence and mastery of communication methods really shines through…

Dana notes that this video, for time reasons, does not include many of the parts of Maya’s story such as use of sign language and other things which were less successful. She has also helpfully listed the technology you see in the video:

The first app that you see is called Proloquo2Go, running on an iPad in the Otterbox Defender case. The communication boards and picture cards for the Word Book were created using BoardMaker software. The final app that you see, the one that we still currently use, is called Speak for Yourself and is running on an iPad in the AMDi iAdapter case (later footage includes the plastic keyguard that helps her not hit other buttons accidentally).

You can read Dana’s ongoing blog about her family’s experiences with AAC at Uncommon Sense – it’s definitely on my recommended reading list.

– Ricky

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