Tandem Master Morse2USB device

Morse Code For Computer Control: TandemMaster

The TandemMaster Morse-2-USB interface is a fantastic device which converts morse code entered by two switches into keyboard presses and mouse movements. It gives the user complete control of a computer, as much as any regular keyboard/mouse user would have.

This video – featuring Tania Comb who created the TandemMaster – gives you a great idea of how the device can be used with any computer:

As you can see, Tania’s not using any switch access software on the computer itself – just the Tandem Master.

Because what the computer “sees” connected to it isn’t a pair of switches but just a standard keyboard and mouse, the TandemMaster is fully compatible with OS X as well as Windows and Linux computers. The advantage of using a device that uses no drivers or switch software is that you can use any standard computer – you could even go into an Internet cafe while on holidays, plug in the TandemMaster, and use their computers! On the other hand it means that the user misses out on the advantages of the more specific switch-user software like the switch controlled word prediction offered by SwitchXS paired with KeyStrokes. Like all setups, this will suit some people better than others.

Small translucent blue box on a black computer.
The Tandem Master box itself is small enough to sit in the palm of a hand.

The website for the TandemMaster has a lot of information, including technical information, about the use of the TandemMaster. You can also contact them for more information.

– Ricky

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  1. I need the device. but I can’t find the website. is the website broken?please tell me how to buy the device, and my sister can talk to us with the computer.

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