International iOS Text-to-Speech Voices

The Vocab Ninja blog has collected together samples of all Apple’s iOS text-to-speech voices so we can hear them side by side. There are 26 different languages, with 35 different dialects in all.

Their collection includes both standard quality voices and enhanced quality voices – the difference in quality is especially stark when you hear them side by side. I found it fascinating that even in the languages I couldn’t understand, the difference in quality is audible! Continue readingInternational iOS Text-to-Speech Voices

DwellClick: You Point, It Clicks

Clicking your mouse requires a muscle contraction, which creates the internal tension needed to perform just one click. The tension needed in one click is added over time. The more often and longer mouse clicks occur, the more likely it is to develop hand/finger pain.

This 5-second video shows a healthy hand using a mouse and scroll wheel. Although only 5 seconds, it demonstrates that he has raised, scrolled and pressed his index finger many times. The strength needed to press may not be huge, but can cause enormous pain. Continue readingDwellClick: You Point, It Clicks

Technology Is Amazing…

I run a blog about assistive technology for Apple users. People who, like me, use iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers for at least some of our assistive technology needs. You can probably tell from this that I really like Apple products! But today I’m going to post a Microsoft commercial for you to view. Surprised? Continue readingTechnology Is Amazing…

Braille Writer for Max OS X – Grades 1 and 2

Braille Writer Pro was designed to be helpful for sighted people working to learn Braille.


  • Handles both Grade 1 and Grade 2 contracted and uncontracted Braille
  • Translates Braille to English
  • Reads / Writes .DXB files
  • Supports emailing and printing files with and without translation
  • Dictionary that supports both Braille and English

Braille Writer lets you use six keys from a standard Apple keyboard as if they were a braille keyboard, and displays the resulting braille visually on the screen so that sighted students can practice their braille entry and reading skills on a regular computer.

– Ricky

Dim Your iPad Screen Below the Minimum Brightness with Dimmy

The Dimmy iPad screen cover looks like a possible solution for those who are very sensitive to bright lights, especially at night.

The dimmy is a reusable screen cover that makes it easy to dim your screen below the minimum brightness setting.

With a dimmy, you can comfortably and discreetly use your iPad in any dark environment, expanding the iPad’s overall usability.

Continue readingDim Your iPad Screen Below the Minimum Brightness with Dimmy

Using Assistive Technology to Empower Apple Users With Disabilities