QMote S device held in hands

QMote: A Great Remote Control for Your iPhone

I spotted the QMote device back when they had their Kickstarter and was lucky enough to buy and early bird pack. When the devices arrived, they were just as wonderful as I’d hoped! The QMote is a small button shaped like a guitar-pick, and it can control your iPhone or iPad through a series of long and short clicks. It’s simple to set up and easy to use and generally fantastic!

The QMote comes with an attached keychain and I made myself some elastic loops that fit over my wrist so that while I’m lying in bed the device is always near my hand, wherever that is. It’s easily comfortable enough to sleep with the loop around my wrist, and has worked very well.

I use mine as a media control when I’m tucked up in bed at night and the phone is difficult to reach. I spend many hours listening to audio books and podcasts in bed and while I can reach the phone, it’s much easier not to need to. The QMote device lets me set up click patterns to play/pause, raise and lower the volume, and skip to the next or previous track. It took me a few nights to memorise which click pattern matched to which function, but I can now quite operate it while literally half asleep!

There are a ton of other things you can set up the QMote to do including controlling home automation gear like Phillips Hue globes, triggering the camera shutter, triggering Siri, launching apps, snoozing alarms, and even triggering IFTTT recipes. I’ve experimented successfully with many of these, I just find that the media controls are the ones I need over and over so those are the ones I’ve kept programmed.

My QMote usage hasn’t been entirely problem-free, occasionally the devices stop working until I open the app or restart the phone. The version one devices also had a weakness where the antenna joined the device itself, but this problem has been fixed in the new version which is labelled QMote S. I found that each QMote version 1 device functioned for 3-4 months before it gave up the ghost, and this is being used many times every day – I anticipate that the version 2 devices will last longer. I also found that their technical support folk were very helpful at getting problems fixed when they did arise.

If you require 100% functionality then I wouldn’t go for the QMote because it is occasionally problematic, but for the majority of folk who have alternative access methods they can use when the device is playing up, this is a fantastic little gadget. Highly recommended.

– Ricky

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