Series: Home Automation

Posts relating to home automation and environmental control systems, including hardware and software, for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices and for Mac OS X computer users.

Control Infrared IR devices with your iPhone or iPad

Many devices are commonly controlled by infrared remote controls these days – televisions, video recorders, air conditioners, and more. Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a universal remote control gives you many accessibility advantages. You can make use of whatever accessibility features your iDevice has – VoiceOver, Zoom, Switch Control, etc. – and there’s no need to learn to use a new device. Continue readingControl Infrared IR devices with your iPhone or iPad

Smart Connected Home Automation – Integrated Systems

Home automation for Macs and mobile devices has existed for a long time, but the quality has been pretty awful and the technology has been patchy and expensive. Now seemingly overnight everything is getting cheaper, better, and more readily available!

Today’s article is a list of integrated smart connected home automation systems aimed for mainstream audiences. Integrated systems have more than one controller and sensor that work together. They can frequently also integrate other companies’ products into the system. This lets you have just one iPhone app (or web page, Mac app, etc.) to control the system instead of a different app for each product. Continue readingSmart Connected Home Automation – Integrated Systems