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Smart Connected Home Automation – Individual Products

Home automation for Macs and mobile devices has existed for a long time, but the quality has been pretty awful and the technology has been patchy and expensive. Now seemingly overnight everything is getting cheaper, better, and more readily available!

This is part 3 in a series on Home Automation for Apple Users.

This section is a list of individual products. These can each be used by themselves, without the need for a full integrated home-automation system with hub. If you only plan to get one or two products automated, buying individual components will probably be cheaper and may also be easier to set up.


Phillips Hue lights can be controlled by iPhone app or any web browser anywhere.
Phillips Hue lights can be controlled by iPhone app or any web browser anywhere.

Power Socket Controls

Door/Entry Things

  • DoorBot wireless doorbell and video intercom.
  • Lockitron bluetooth electronic lock (fits over existing lock).
A Lockitron lock.
A Lockitron lock.
  • Kwikset Kevo bluetooth electronic deadbolt (replaces existing lock).

Other single-purpose sensors

The Eggminder is definitely the oddest home automation product I've found so far!
The Eggminder is definitely the oddest home automation product I’ve found so far!


  • Spotter multi-sensor includes: motion, sound, light, temperature, and humidity sensing.
  • iControl Piper home security and monitoring multi-sensor includes: motion detector; siren; camera; sensors for temperature, humidity, light, and sound; Z-wave compatibility.
Piper multi-sensor and its iPhone app.
Piper multi-sensor and its iPhone app.

Other gadgets

Many of these individual products can also optionally be used with the integrated systems too so they may still be useful if you decide to expand your horizons in the future to a full home automation system, although you should always check compatibility before you purchase anything.

I personally own a set of Phillips Hue globes and two Belkin Wemo switches and find both of them extremely useful. I use them with their own individual iPhone apps and also sometimes with the IFTTT website which lets me easily set up “rules” like turning the lights on automatically when I arrive home.

– Ricky

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