Edge of an Apple bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Smart Scroll Offers 4 Types Of Custom OS X Scrolling

Smart Scroll is a utility that allows you to adjust how the scrolling works on your Mac OS X computer in a ton of different ways. For anybody who has trouble with mouse movement or dexterity, it can be really useful.

Smart Scroll makes scrolling smoother, faster and more comfortable:

  • Scroll Wheel+ & Multi-Touch+: smoother, more comfortable and/or faster scrolling for your trackpad or mouse. Try it!
  • Hover Scroll: just hover the cursor near the top or bottom of a window and relax, no need to keep scrolling!
  • Auto Scroll: read more comfortably with automatic, hands-free scrolling!
  • Grab Scroll: the best way to scroll with a graphics tablet or regular mouse!

Improves even the latest trackpads and mice! Other features include independent reversal of trackpad and mouse, trackpad and scroll wheel acceleration, and more.

You can set this up so that windows automatically scroll up or down, at whatever speed suits you, when you leave your mouse pointer at the top or bottom of the window. For anybody who has trouble dealing with OS X’s new narrower scroll bars this is a great option. Here’s how I set that up:

Smart Scroll preferences window.
Here are the settings I prefer for hover scrolling.

Smart Scroll also lets you set up different scroll settings for different applications – that’s the drop down in the top left of the above image. So you can set up a profile for your web browser where you want the scrolling without changing the scrolling on your word processor.

– Ricky

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