Stylised battery charge glyphs showing full, medium, and empty states.

How To Solve iOS Battery Drain

There is a really great article by Scotty Loveless today about solving iOS battery drain. Scotty’s worked as an Apple Genius for two years so he really knows what he’s talking about, and all of his recommendations mirror suggestions that I frequently make to people which is nice and reassuring!

Even for those of us who don’t have a problem, per se, with battery drain this could be a good read. Why? When you use your iPhone or iPad for something assistive you probably use it a lot. Especially when the devices are used for communication (AAC) I’m guessing they’re in active use much more frequently than an average phone or device is, and of course using it more often means the battery will drain more quickly.

I found that steps 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 in the linked article are most relevant to disabled users, as well as step 4 if you are like me and don’t need to see your email right when it’s delivered. As a bonus, working through the steps in the article will also probably teach you more about how you can control how your device works, so that’s a double win for users and families.

– Ricky

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