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Pointer Options for iPad and iPhone Users: Advanced Options

Directly touching the screen is a very easy access method for most people, and has many accessibility benefits, but for others it’s brought new accessibility challenges.

This article is on variants of the stylus which are not held in the hand at all – some are attached to the user’s finger in some way, some are attached to the head or held in the mouth. We also cover some accessories that may help stylus users in other ways.

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Finger Stylus

Finger styluses extend the reach of a pointing finger by fitting over the tip of the finger.

Finger Stylus from ShapeDad
Sock-style stylus over a finger and extends its length.

Finger Stylus from TrueTip
Plastic stylus fits over finger to extend length and increase accuracy.

TrueTip stylus on someone's finger. It can also be used on a thumb or toe.
TrueTip stylus on someone’s finger. It can also be used on a thumb or toe.

Ring Stylus

Ring styluses fit around the finger like a ring and may protrude in the direction of the finger or at a right angle.

TxtRng;) from TxtRng
On the website and marketing materials this ring is shown only worn on the underside of the finger or thumb, but I think it would work just as well on the outside for somebody who couldn’t point.

I think this stylus is no longer being manufactured – the website doesn’t exist any more – but it still seems to be available via

Ring Stylus from Kikkerland
Ring size 8.

Kikkerland Ring Stylus

Wico Touchscreen Stylus from GobalScope
Ring-style stylus with sliding extendable tip. GlobalScope also make pens with the same style.

Mouthstick Stylus

Mouth stick styli are held in the mouth and may have a customised mouth-shaped attachment or just a padded end. They are often used by those with quadriplegia.

Mouthstick Stylus from iFaraday
Up to 18″ long with straight tubular mouthpiece and removable tip.

Mouthstick Stylus (3 Options) from ShapeDad

  • Regular: 12″ fixed size aluminum stick with (mini) ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Pro: Adjustable stainless steel stick (9″ – 17″) with ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Lite: 14″ fixed size aluminum stick with straight tubular mouthpiece

Capacitive Mouthstick from TouchTec
14″ mouth stick with straight tubular mouthpiece

Griffin Mouthstick Stylus from Griffin Technologies
12″ mouth stick with Y-shaped stainless steel mouthpiece with removable sleeve. Stick can be bent into shape and is designed for home button activation as well as touch screens.

Straight and curved Griffin Mouthstick styli.
Straight and curved Griffin Mouthstick styli.

Telescoping Mouthstick Stylus from The Joy Factory
Telescoping rod 8 1/4” to 17 1/2” with wide writing angle.

Head Pointer Stylus

Head pointers are attached to a hat, helmet, head mount or sweatband and used to point by moving the neck.

Head Pointer and Stylus from ShapeDad
Universal head mount helmet with adjustable stylus pointer 12″-15″ lengths available.

Head pointer stylus from Shape Dad.
Head pointer stylus from Shape Dad.

Capacative Headpointer from RJ Cooper
14″ pointer with helmet-strap style head mount.

Head Pointer Kit from Dad in a Shed
6″, 8″ and 12″ head pointers on towelling headband mounts.

Capactive Screen Adapter Kit from Dad in a Shed
Supplies to help you convert your existing head pointer into one suitable for use with an iPad or iPhone.

Other Things

These are not styluses themselves but may help stylus users and others to reduce mis-hits.

The Hand Glider
This is a partial glove which will cover the ring and little fingers and the side of your hand. Reduces mis-hits caused by the side of the hand touching or resting on the device screen.

KeyGuards for iPad and iPad Mini will also reduce mis-hits.

Stylus Handpad from A Nicely Done Product
A tiny pad to rest the side of your hand on. This product no longer exists, but may sometimes be found on eBay or similar second-hand sites. I’m including pictures here because it would be easy to make something similar:

Articles in this series:

– Ricky

Pointing finger image ProtoplasmaKid, used under CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.

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