Switchamajig IR: Control IR Toys and Appliances with your iPhone and iPad

Switchamajig IR lets you control infra-red controlled toys and appliances with an iPhone or iPad directly – this video makes it look simple and so appealing:

Love it!

I would adore one of these – I can manage remote controls fine but moving around isn’t easy for me. I have an IR-controlled air conditioner which is really hard to control from where I lie all day because I can only get the remote into a functional place if I lean right over and stretch … I’m sure you know the type. And then if I forget to turn it off before I leave the room, of course, I can’t do it at all and it has to stay on until the next time I can move. If I had a Switchamajig IR though, I could switch it easily from anywhere in the house… an appealing thought!

Switchamajig also have a Controller which lets you use the iPad app and wireless controller as a switch to control other switch-controlled things, the iPad can control up to six physical switches this way.

– Ricky

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