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Stylus Options for iPad and iPhone Users: Easy Grip

Directly touching the screen is a very easy access method for most people, and has many accessibility benefits, but for others it’s brought new accessibility challenges.

To touch the screen you need to be in a close enough position, be able to isolate a finger or thumb to point with, and be able to control your hand and finger well enough to touch where you’re aiming for. People with disabilities may have trouble with one or all of these.

Using a stylus is one way that some disabled iPhone and iPad users can overcome problems with touching the screen. A stylus isn’t a solution for everybody, but for many users it can make the difference between an inaccessible device and a usable device. There are many different types of stylus and pointer options available to users, and this series will cover all of them. Continue readingStylus Options for iPad and iPhone Users: Easy Grip

ControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work

Mac users, if you need to program your input devices at all – keyboard, mouse, joystick, XKeys, almost any input device – ControllerMate for OS X is the way to go.

ControllerMate gives you the power to do more than ever with your HID controllers. Whether you want to modify the behavior of your keyboard or mouse, or add complex functions to your gaming devices, ControllerMate is the tool for you.

Continue readingControllerMate Lets You Change How Your Input Devices Work