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Hands-free iPhone Activation With iOS 7

At the recent World Wide Developers Conference Apple had a lot to say about the upcoming iOS 8. There are many exciting enhancements coming with iOS 8 and one of them is the ability to use Siri completely hands-free without having to press the physical home button or the virtual one in AssistiveTouch. A simple “Hey, Siri” will bring up your favorite virtual assistant ready to take your requests as long as your iOS device is plugged in (subject to change hopefully). But you don’t have to wait for iOS 8 to have that capability… Continue readingHands-free iPhone Activation With iOS 7

iDevice Voice Commands Cheat Sheet

The iDevice Voice Commands system doesn’t have a lot of different commands to remember, but it’s reasonably picky about you getting the wording just right. I’ve compiled all the English voice control commands into a printable document that will fold neatly in half and fit in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad’s pouch so it’s handy while you’re still learning the commands. Continue readingiDevice Voice Commands Cheat Sheet

International iOS Text-to-Speech Voices

The Vocab Ninja blog has collected together samples of all Apple’s iOS text-to-speech voices so we can hear them side by side. There are 26 different languages, with 35 different dialects in all.

Their collection includes both standard quality voices and enhanced quality voices – the difference in quality is especially stark when you hear them side by side. I found it fascinating that even in the languages I couldn’t understand, the difference in quality is audible! Continue readingInternational iOS Text-to-Speech Voices