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iOS 8 Accessibility Roundup

Welcome to the brand new iOS 8, which became generally available just yesterday.

As always, users who are champing at the bit for new features have upgraded right away, and users who are more conservative and risk-averse are waiting for 8.0.1, which is sure to have less bugs. This is always true of any large upgrade of any software, and iOS is no exception. But if you’re eager to try out new features, here’s what you can expect in iOS 8 in terms of accessibility … Continue readingiOS 8 Accessibility Roundup

Round-up: iOS 8 Accessibility Wishes

MacWorld have been running a series on changes that they’d like to see in iOS 8, so far the list has included changes to The Notification Center, Mail, Calendar and Reminders, and Photos and Camera. Today Steven Aquino has added to the series with: iOS 8 changes we’d like to see: Accessibility.

Steve’s article pretty much sticks to two issues – the impact that the iOS 7 redesign had on accessibility, especially for low-vision users, and the fact that the accessibility settings are hopelessly confused and a huge jumble of things put in no particular order and expecting users to find the specific settings they need is unreasonable with the current setup. I agree with Steve that both these issues are vitally important, but I know there are many other accessibility wishes that lots of users have for iOS 8! This article aims to be a more general round-up of wishes for a wide variety of accessibility needs … Continue readingRound-up: iOS 8 Accessibility Wishes